Digital Health Initiative of Philadelphia—Call to Action

The DHIP was born out of desire to accelerate the widespread and tangible application of technology to improve healthcare in Philadelphia, and to make Philadelphia a recognized leader in digital health. A core principle of the initiative is thoughtful but rapid forward progress. As such, this document illustrates the approach and benefits to various stakeholder groups to spur support. The specific requests for the DHIP are:

  • Endorse—Support the DHIP by lending your name and making a public endorsement of this initiative, which may include listing your name in materials used to promote the DHIP.
  • Fund—Support the DHIP by investing your dollars in Philadelphia through underwriting DHIP activities. Our goal is to develop an optimal long-term funding strategy such as a combination of local funding from stakeholders and a sustainable business model (which will be pursued).
  • Participate—Support the DHIP through planning and contribution of in-kind resources. For local digital health companies, incubators, and institutional investors, bring forward your digital health assets for consideration. For human, health care, and behavior health service providers, join our efforts to apply these technologies toward the betterment of collaborative care.
  • Proliferate—Support and advocate for digital health across the city.

The citizens of Philadelphia deserve the best healthcare, and our best efforts to ensure it.

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