The Digital Health Initiative of Philadelphia

Addressing the Healthcare Crisis in Philadelphia’s Poorest Neighborhoods

As a healthcare IT company, we strive to promote not only good health and wellness, but the continual innovation that serves as a catalyst to achieving tremendous outcomes. We believe that fostering these principles both within our company and in our community is the only way to meet our vision of Healthcare Solved.

To that end, we have organized the Digital Health Initiative of Philadelphia (DHIP) in our hometown to try to leverage technological innovation from health IT companies in the region to benefit the most vulnerable populations of Philadelphia. We believe this is a win-win-win scenario: digital health companies win by getting real populations to validate the value of their offerings; vulnerable populations win by having the latest in healthcare technology curated and applied to improve their health outcomes; and the region wins by becoming a leader in how to manage tough chronic diseases, complicated behavioral health issues, and adverse social conditions through advanced population health techniques.

We believe that good healthcare is good business for us, and that we will do well by doing good.

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