Partnering to Work with Medicaid and Medicare Populations

Whether you’re a health plan or a hospital, Oregon’s coordinated care organization (CCO) model 2.0 requires disparate organizations to collaborate as care teams and share critical information to treat the whole person. But while you’re working to improve your efficiency and quality scores, your care teams are dealing with multiple systems and workflows that aren’t optimally integrated. To maximize your CCO’s effectiveness, you need a trusted partner that can help you bridge diverse data sources, assemble the right teams, and develop and optimize a team-based workflow to improve how your care model impacts your population.

Why GSI Health?

As the care management solution of choice for the largest provider of Oregon Health Plan services, GSI Health already supports almost one third of the state’s Medicaid population. And in New York—another leader in healthcare reform—we are the most widely used population health management solution for organizations leading similar value-based care models such as Health Home and DSRIP. 

We’re experts at convening CCO networks, integrating key systems to facilitate fast, efficient care management, orchestrating workflow among care teams to improve transparency and collaboration, and delivering critical member information in time to impact outcomes.

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