Partnering to Improve the Health of Medicaid and Medicare Populations

Success with Florida’s Medicaid waiver, Medicare, and commercial value-based care programs requires care coordination to address all patient needs. That means managing not only chronic diseases and other medical conditions, but also the behavioral and social determinants that negatively impact patient well-being so that you can close care gaps and ultimately improve patient health and outcomes.

To maximize these value-based care arrangements, you need a partner that empowers you to efficiently work with your community-based partners and truly understands what’s required to implement and evolve these programs while complying with changing regulatory requirements. Your technology solutions need to foster collaboration and enable the responsible sharing of appropriate patient information across the community to facilitate referrals and provide transparency so that the right information gets to the right people in the right setting at the right time.

Why GSI Health?

GSI Health knows how to support value-based care programs where care management is a crucial component of success. Our platform is built specifically to support both hospitals and health plans. We’re experts at convening stakeholders, orchestrating workflow among care teams to improve transparency and collaboration, helping you respond to changing regulatory requirements, and delivering critical information at the point of care in time to impact outcomes.

Limited access to key data such as claims data? No problem. GSIHealthCoordinator enables you to use clinical data from EHRs, critical event alerts, and diagnosis information from HIEs and other sources to identify which patients to focus on—including those with chronic diseases, complex conditions, or costly and avoidable events such as ED visits, admissions, or readmissions.

As the most utilized population health management (PHM) technology for organizations leading care management programs in New York—and serving 1 in 3 Medicaid patients via the largest health plan in Oregon—GSI Health has been at the forefront of healthcare reform for years.  We are more than a technology vendor, we are a healthcare company and a trusted technology partner that helps our clients implement these programs, work with community-based partners, and optimize care management models.

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