Collaborative Care to Improve Population Health

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What if your care coordination solution provided the insight to help you significantly reduce hospitalizations and unnecessary ED utilization? What if that solution interfaced with your EHR and enabled you to more effectively engage with patients and providers across the care continuum—including those participating in Medicaid 1115 and other value-based care programs?

Learn more about how GSI Health’s population health management platform is being successfully used by more than 400 organizations just like yours across the country—including the largest public health system in the U.S.—to more effectively coordinate complex patient care:

  • Break the readmission cycle—Identify factors that contribute to each patient’s readmissions, and develop patient-centric care plans to improve transitional care
  • Identify at-risk patients for care management programs—Stratify your population, identify gaps in care, and assign care teams
  • Develop comprehensive care plans—Incorporate social determinants to proactively manage patient medical, behavioral, and social needs
  • Integrate with EHRs—Build care plans using clinical data and send those care plans back to EHRs
  • Automate care management—Automatically trigger, orchestrate, and track care plan tasks across interdisciplinary care teams
  • Incorporate best practices—Integrate guidelines and best practices to facilitate workflow and consistency
  • Comply with regulatory requirements—Access key data and reports required for your programs