White Paper

Beyond the EHR—Creating an Integrated PHM Strategy

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This white paper examines how to move beyond simply documenting care information to leveraging EHR data as part of a larger integrated population health management strategy that will help healthcare providers survive and thrive in the new world of value-based care:

  • Make EHRs part of a more comprehensive population health management strategy by seamlessly integrating data to reduce friction between disparate systems
  • Enable care providers across the community and care continuum to abandon their siloes and work collaboratively on behalf of patients
  • Enable proactive planning and engagement with multi-disciplinary care teams to improve transitions and care plan execution
  • Aggregate information from EHRs and other sources to stratify patients into different risk categories and draw insights from entire patient populations

Going beyond the EHR to create an integrated population health management strategy will result in improved clinical outcomes, better financial results, and ultimately healthier populations.