GSI Health Platform Delivers Care Coordination and Robust Analytics across ACO, DSRIP, Health Home, CMMI, HARP, and Children’s Health Home Landscape

GSIHealthCoordinator Platform Offers Critical, Configurable Functionality to Value-Based Programs, Implemented in as Little as 45 Days

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—September 30, 2015—GSI Health announced today that its GSIHealthCoordinator care coordination and population health platform is delivering a complete technology solution to value-based programs across the country, and can be implemented as quickly as 45 days from start to finish. The configurable GSIHealthCoordinator platform facilitates patient care plan development, team collaboration, real-time alerts, risk stratification and analytics, enabling organizations to provide whole person and whole population care through integrated care teams spanning the patient’s care continuum.

GSI Health has deep expertise with state Medicaid programs and technology systems, and has an extensive footprint as the largest Medicaid Health Home technology provider in New York State. Interoperability with claims, clinical and operational information from diverse outside-the-walls data sources enables data aggregation and analysis so care teams can access timely and relevant information at the point of care. Implementation can be customized to match workflows, with built-in analytics that help proactively address gaps in care and strategically identify at-risk patients in time for cost-effective intervention. Clients have seen significant performance improvement when using the GSIHealthCoordinator platform, including a nearly 60 percent decline in admissions through support for care transitions, outreach, care planning and community-wide alerts.

“New York’s convergence to a single population health management model across programs is on the leading edge of the fee-for-value payment reform that is taking hold across the country—and is a window into the future of health care,” said Lee Jones, CEO of GSI Health. “It is our first model of a world in which medical, behavioral, social services and payer organizations must not only coexist, but integrate and analyze disparate information to support population health. Our GSIHealthCoordinator platform is built from the ground up for this new paradigm—and we are already impacting the lives of one in three patients in New York and many more nationwide.”

The GSIHealthCoordinator platform’s unique mix of core technical and collaboration functionality has been procured to support a variety of value-based models—including health homes and children’s health homes, accountable care organizations (ACOs), health and recovery plans (HARPs), Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) programs and New York’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) programs. Customized implementations supporting organization goals and objectives can be complete in as little as 45 days. Ongoing training and support throughout the lifecycle of the partnership ensures that the platform evolves to meet the changing needs of each organization.

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