What We Do


Healthcare organizations need accurate, timely information on their performance, the quality of their care, and their outcomes so that they can improve processes, allocate resources, and maximize their value-based payment programs.

GSI Health’s platform, called GSIHealthCoordinator, integrates data from disparate sources and provides flexible and customizable reporting options for both operations and outcomes, enabling you to slice and dice your data to help you recognize opportunities for improvement, track performance across your programs or network, and streamline compliance. Real-time updates when care is delivered provide actionable intelligence in a unified platform, enabling your care teams to turn analysis into action, close gaps in care, and optimize care management for patients and populations.

Performance tracking on key measures improve workflows and eliminate gaps, and state, federal, and operational reporting enable payments and compliance.

GSIHealthCoordinator Supports... Impact:

Data aggregation

Integrate information from medical, social, and behavioral care settings to provide comprehensive patient and coordination data suitable for evaluation of performance

Business intelligence and
data warehouse

Store critical data from across the continuum for inter- and intra-organizational analysis

Report authoring tool

Develop your own reports that address your exact needs and share them across your programs or network

Quality measures

Evaluate your performance against recognized measure definitions and identify what works — and doesn’t work — for your organization

Financial and utilization metrics

Assess your organization’s performance trends for key indicators such as ED visits, admissions, and readmission rates

Billable encounters
and services

Customize your reporting to meet the requirements of a variety of program – and organization – specific service tracking

Operational reports that drill down to organization, care team member, and
patient levels

Measure performance and quality at all levels of your program(s) or organization and proactively identify gaps in care

Enroll patients into care management programs

Identify patients in need of critical services or interventions and enrollment into the appropriate program or care team