What We Do


The GSI Health solution, called GSIHealthCoordinator,  provides interoperability mechanisms to incorporate data from systems across the entire care continuum so you can utilize relevant and timely information at the point of care and incorporate a broad spectrum of data into your population health management program analytics. Our platform integrates data from a variety of external data sources—including electronic health records (EHRs) and other clinical and administrative systems, public and private health information exchanges (HIEs), and claims systems. This enables data from hospitals, care management agencies, community-based organizations, ambulatory practices and clinics, managed care organizations, and HIEs to be leveraged for comprehensive population health management.

This interoperability removes boundaries to care, enabling information exchange and transparency outside the walls of the organization. You’ll be able to analyze data from all your partners in a single platform — GSI Health’s platform — to develop the insights you need to save you time and improve your results.

GSIHealthCoordinator Supports... Impact:

Integrate with clinical systems (EHRs and HIEs)

Access a patient record with data from across your network, incorporate clinical content into patient assessments and care planning processes, and identify patients for care coordination based on diagnosis or discharge/admission

Clinical event notifications

Alert care teams of patient ED visits and inpatient admission or discharge

EHR single sign-on

Access patient care plans and a clinical summary within the EHR workflow

Structured care plan exchange

Enable care teams to contribute care plan components using their preferred systems

Integrate claims, clinical, administrative, and care coordination data

Get insight into how your care management model is performing and tune it based on your analysis to address gaps in care or optimize care management

Health information exchange (HIE)

Leverage existing HIE networks and incorporate data into care manager workflow