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Interoperability removes boundaries to care, enabling information exchange and transparency outside the walls of the organization and bringing organizations and care teams together. This enables organizations to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time, harmonizing workflows and eliminating inefficiencies such as double data entry.

GSI Health’s GSIHealthCoordinator platform integrates data from across the care continuum—including electronic health records (EHRs), clinical and administration systems, other care management systems, health information exchanges (HIEs), and claims systems—so you can utilize relevant and timely information at the point of care and incorporate a broad spectrum of data into your population health management program analytics. 100% of our clients have interfaces between GSIHealthCoordinator and their key external systems.

This integration enables hospitals, managed care organizations, and community-based partners to collaborate more effectively and leverage comprehensive patient information to work toward two goals: more effective coordination of whole-person care across the continuum, and improved population health.

You’ll be able to analyze data from all your partners in a single platform to develop the insights that will save you time and improve results.

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Challenge: Benefit of Using GSIHealthCoordinator:

Reduce double documentation for care plans

Avoid wasting valuable time entering the same information twice in your EHR and care management system

Your partner has a different care plan system than yours

See care plans generated in other systems to better coordinate care and know who is working on what patient issues

Identify and enroll patients in care management

Prompt users about care management patients from your EHR or claims system to expedite enrollment into care management programs

Incorporate clinical or claims data into your care management

– Gain access to critical clinical or claims information in your workflow
– Get prompted to take action
– Analyze your population
– Complete assessments prepopulated by clinical or claims data

Communicate with people outside of your network

Exchange referrals, messages, and attachments with your partners to improve care transitions and post-hospitalization follow-up, and to order services from community-based organizations

Know when patients show up in your hospital or another hospital

Notify care team members when patients are in the ED, inpatient, and other critical facilities and prompt them to take action

Users working in multiple tools

– Access GSIHealthCoordinator from your EHR or other system with one set of credentials
– Optionally transfer patient context when accessing GSIHealthCoordinator within the workflow

Integrating with your analytics solution

– Incorporate cohorts, risk profiles, gaps in care and cohorts for care management into GSIHealthCoordinator
– Analyze care management data within your existing data warehouse

Care management billing

Track key services you provide and share that data with your billing system partner for reimbursement