What We Do


The GSI Health platform, called GSIHealthCoordinator, analyzes information from disparate business entities to provide meaningful insights so you can be proactive and responsive to your patients and populations. Robust analytics help aggregate information and leverage it to create calls to action, identify patients in need of specialized care management, and predict outcomes.

Identify populations of patients and stratify them by risk, utilization, and other factors—then analyze the data to close care gaps, strategically identify at-risk patients, and allocate your resources where they make the most impact. You’ll be able to develop action plans based on your unique results, then implement workflow-based tasks and alerts to keep you on track and enable you to react in real-time. These insights will evolve your care management model, make your care teams more effective, and drive better outcomes.

GSIHealthCoordinator Supports... Impact:

Data aggregation

Access a complete view of the patient with information from medical, social, and behavioral care settings that highlight the patient’s encounters, care plan issues, and clinical information from inside and outside your organization or network

Risk stratification and predictive modeling

Classify patients by health risk to determine where to focus your care management, deliver cost-effective interventions, and predict and prevent readmissions

Identification of gaps in care and prescribed care steps

Identify patients and care teams who do not comply with standards of care and intervene to improve outcomes

Prescribed interventions based on assessment results

Ensure consistency in your care management model through defined interventions to maximize throughput of resources, which may be based on evidence-based guidelines or other established or best practices

Data-triggered tasks and alerts

React to real-time information to prevent avoidable admissions and ED visits and to facilitate post-acute care

Incorporation of insight into care management workflows

Prompt care teams of critical events and what action to take based on your care management model, patient need, and best practices