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GSIHealthCoordinator Population Health Management Platform

GSI Health’s comprehensive population health management platform, called GSIHealthCoordinator, is an award-winning solution developed specifically for programs focused on managing patient care using interdisciplinary care teams and consolidated care plans, and improving the efficacy of care delivery through stratification, analytics, and reports.

Our cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) GSIHealthCoordinator platform combines care coordination with reporting and analytics and a robust interoperability layer to enable not only effective and collaborative community-based care, but also the incorporation of analytics insights and continual synthesis of improvements into care delivery.

GSIHealthCoordinator’s interoperability layer ensures strong integration, enabling external data to be incorporated into our clinical data repository and data warehouse to be used in care management workflows, reporting, analytics, and stratification, and to be shared with other systems within a heterogeneous ecosystem. Integrating data across a broad footprint of users enables our clients to better understand their populations, learn from them, and improve their processes so they not only become more efficient, but achieve better outcomes.

Key GSIHealthCoordinator capabilities include:

  • A single platform to incorporate configuration requirements of multiple value-based programs, care settings, and workflows that can evolve with your needs
  • Workflows to support virtual care teams that span organizations and programs to unite and provide transparency across all of the patient’s care providers.
  • Structured assessments with integrated scoring to capture pertinent care management program data and auto-populate care plans
  • Personalized care plans that unify all aspects of the patient’s care management needs from across the care continuum
  • Adaptability and configurability to meet regulatory and programmatic requirements and changes
  • Real-time alerts for critical events (e.g., hospital admissions, ED visits) and coordination tasking (e.g., care plan interventions due)
  • Longitudinal aggregation of medical and treatment records across the care continuum
  • Structured CCDA care plan exchange to enable organizations to work in their own tools
  • Essential analytic methods such as predictive models and risk stratification of populations
  • Analytic insights integrated into the care coordination workflow that drive action
  • Information management expertise to incorporate diverse data sources and assist you in leveraging analytics to identify patients and insights
  • A pricing model designed to enable growth without restrictions on user licensing
  • And much more…

Learn more about GSI Health’s approach to:

Care coordination and care management — Access and share information in real-time, build and leverage universal care plans, and enable interdisciplinary care teams to effectively collaborate on patient care.

Insights — Aggregate and analyze information from disparate organizations to assess and stratify populations, close care gaps, identify cost-effective interventions, and make your care teams more effective.

Measurement — Accurate, timely reporting on performance, care quality, and outcomes so you can enhance processes, allocate resources, and improve outcomes and financial results.

Interoperability — A single platform that enables data transparency across your network to provide care teams with critical information and insights at the point of care and measurement for oversight from a variety of external data sources.