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GSI Health’s care coordination platform, called GSIHealthCoordinator, integrates disparate information from across your community to help you determine who to focus on, what to do, and how you’re doing so that you can maximize your impact for who you serve.

Our care management analytics measure how your care coordination processes are performing, helping you optimize your work to improve outcomes for your patients. We help you measure leading indicators, KPIs, and outcomes against benchmarks so you can more effectively manage what people who are caring for a population have to do to be successful—including activities surrounding the medical, behavioral, and social determinants of health.

Measure utilization, risk, and other factors, then analyze the data to strategically identify at-risk patients so you can allocate your resources where they make the most impact. Flexible and customizable reporting options for operations and outcomes help you track performance and recognize opportunities for improvement to increase ROI. Scorecards and dashboards report and track care management outcomes, episode activity, and program insights, configurable to your program and strategic objectives.

You’ll be able to infuse these insights back into the workflow to evolve your care management model so that your care teams are more effective and your outcomes are the best they can be.

Using GSIHealthCoordinator, our clients have improved process adherence, connections to appropriate levels of care, and financial efficiency, leading to better outcomes. Select results include:

  • 181% increase in primary care utilization
  • 32% decrease in ED Usage
  • More than doubled Health Home enrollment
  • ED visits reduced by 14%
  • Hospitalizations reduced by 30%
  • Inpatient days reduced by 18%
  • Total cost of care reduced by approximately 9% to 10% per year, resulting in significant savings over the life of the program
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Care Management Analytics

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  • Measure and analyze non-medical activities that surround care, including how you address social determinants of health
  • Optimize your care management processes by tuning your activities to improve outcomes and ROI
  • Identify and track leading indicators and KPIs for outcomes, with traceability back to the care model to hone performance
  • View care management outcome, episode activity, and program insight scorecards at a glance, configurable to program and strategic benchmarks

Insights Harmonized with Other Analytics Tools

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  • Integrate with other analytics vendors for the best-of-breed care coordination combined with best-of-breed analytics
  • Enhance your existing analytics solution with reporting on care management activities specific to your organization’s goals and programs
  • Exchange data with other analytics tools for additional analysis
  • Receive data from other analytics tools to perform a more comprehensive correlation of how care management activities contribute to outcomes

Patient Identification

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  • Classify patients by health risk to determine where to focus your care management resources
  • Use standard or custom assessments and configurable scoring to stratify patients and automatically enroll patients into programs
  • Identify patients and care teams who don’t comply with standards of care and intervene to improve outcomes

Workflow Optimization

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  • Place insights at the point of care to reduce ED utilizations and admissions and improve outcomes
  • Prescribe interventions based on assessment results and evidence-based guidelines to ensure care quality and consistency
  • Identify and address gaps in care to improve your results
  • Incorporate insight into workflows by prompting care teams of critical events and what actions to take