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Partnering for Success

GSI Health® believes that client support is more than training and a help desk—it’s a partnership that empowers you to achieve meaningful outcomes, improve how you manage and coordinate care, help your populations improve, and navigate evolving regulations and value-based care arrangements. Together, we solve your value-based care challenges so you can meet your outcome and financial goals.


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We Make You Better

We don’t just configure and deploy our platform, but partner with you at every stage of your value-based care journey, helping you evaluate and optimize your processes over time so you are doing more and evolving your business. With our deep experience and broad client base, we are proficient in industry best practices and provide insights to help you to hone your programs and interpret changing value-based care regulations and needs so you can achieve your population health management objectives.

Defining Your Program

We engage your leadership to ensure stakeholder alignment so you can realize your vision for your population health management program. Whether or not you have clearly defined populations and goals, we help you segment your population, and create and engage with your partner network, including critical community-based organization relationships. We’ll ensure your care management and administrative processes are aligned so that your organization is ready to support your value-based care model and maximize your results

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Right Team. Right Workflow. Right Information.

Team-based collaboration creates different dynamics, especially when you engage with new partners and disciplines. We help you analyze your workflow, determine who provides what service and how teams will collaborate, and blend your capabilities so that your program, people, and technology are all working together without friction and teams get just the information they need to impact outcomes. We train your teams not only on how to use the platform, but how to support your approach to care coordination so that your people successfully manage their workflows and your execution is efficient and effective.

Optimizing and Evolving Your Model

What you need tomorrow will be different than what you need today. We enable you to move forward quickly and accelerate the transition of your vision into practice so that tomorrow’s care coordination programs are optimized and automated. You’ll be able to identify care management patterns, trends, and results so you know what is working and what is not, and translate that analysis into an improved care management model. Our approach to care coordination is scalable and extensible, enabling you to apply your work to other segments, populations, and value-based care models with more partners and services. And we’ll be with you every step of the way sharing our expertise to help you get the results and ROI you need.


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