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GSI Health was founded with a vision of a future in which the problems of today’s healthcare are solved. Meet the innovators who put their expertise to work helping organizations optimize care delivery and improve the health of patients and populations.

LeRoy E. Jones

Founder, President, and CEO

LeRoy E. Jones founded GSI Health to help solve a problem—the uninformed, uncoordinated care being practiced in today’s healthcare system. He strives to drive innovation in the healthcare IT industry to create a world in which data-driven technology optimizes care delivery, and ultimately results in healthier patients and populations.

Lee has helped several states develop architectures and operational models for healthcare information exchange, and has contributed to a number of federal programs and industry initiatives that establish standards and shape the future of healthcare IT. He has served as senior advisor to the president-appointed National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, responsible for managing the strategic technical directions for the national healthcare agenda. Under his leadership, GSI Health has pioneered working models for effective collaboration in community-based care delivery and become an industry leader in population health management solutions.

Lee holds an M.S. in Engineering in the Management of Technology jointly from The Wharton School and the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania, and a B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

What Healthcare Solved means to me:

It means that patients and doctors can focus on maximizing health without being distracted by the need to manage the underlying systems and mechanisms that define how healthcare is delivered.

Gregory Bell

Chief Financial Officer

Greg brings more than 25 years of financial and operational leadership, including extensive expertise navigating the complex working capital issues faced by high-growth companies. His broad industry experience spans the healthcare, financial, and technology industries, including three software companies and two companies that went public under his financial leadership. At GSI Health, he drives financial, employee, and partner success, leading the Finance, Administrative, and Human Resources teams to support company growth and development.

Greg holds a B.S. in Accounting from the Pennsylvania State University and is a Certified Public Accountant

What Healthcare Solved means to me:

Healthcare Solved means providing access to comprehensive, quality, and coordinated care to all people in an effective and cost-efficient manner. It means treating the whole person, and the whole population in sustainable ways that enhance the quality of life for everyone.

Alan Horton

Chief Technology Officer

Alan is a proven technology leader and strategic visionary. He is passionate about using technology to turn great ideas into innovative software that matters, and improves people’s lives. He holds a U.S. patent using big data technologies for healthcare master data management, and a B.S. in Mathematics from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Prior to joining GSI Health, Alan successfully led many technology initiatives to deliver mission-critical SaaS products for millions of users in the healthcare, financial, and education industries. He is a skilled technologist with 20+ years of progressive experience in architecture, software engineering, quality assurance, team leadership, and application lifecycle management.

What Healthcare Solved means to me:

People enjoying their lives, without the burden of health issues.

Everyone has been touched by a loved one affected by some type of chronic or significant illness. We have the opportunity to not only help those already struggling with health issues to recover, but to keep them well, possibly preventing health issues before symptoms even present themselves. Healthcare professionals are dealing with very complex situations, and our technology platform allows them to focus on the care steps that have the biggest impact, and leverage their collective experiences to get life-changing results—and a healthier population that spends less time and money on health issues, and more time enjoying life.

Amy Koizim

Senior Vice President, Client Solutions

Amy is a true partner with our clients, collaborating closely throughout the lifetime of the engagement to support their needs from project definition through implementation and beyond. Her strategic approach to personalized implementation and deployment, ongoing training and support, and continual alignment with emerging and evolving requirements ensures that our solution continues to satisfy our clients’ business needs.

With over 10 years in healthcare account management and deep expertise in health care information technology, project management, and the implementation of clinical health information technology products and services, Amy helps our clients navigate the complexities and challenges of integrated healthcare.

Amy earned her B.S. in Health Care Management and Policy from Georgetown University.

What Healthcare Solved means to me:

Empowering communities to affect positive change in the health status of patients by identifying medical, behavioral, and social needs and providing tools for care teams to successfully implement proven interventions. Solving healthcare begins with creating healthier communities.

Sean T. Kelly

Senior Vice President, Growth and Commercialization

A health IT professional since 2001, Sean leads GSI Health’s growth and commercialization ventures, defining our strategic path and aligning our growth strategy with prevalent industry trends and emerging market requirements.

Sean is an expert on federal and state policies, technology trends, and payment models. He has lead the development of HIE and Direct implementations focused on integration and quality reporting and has co-authored interoperability specifications to enable advance health information exchange through EHR, HIE, and Direct integrations focused on reporting and transitions of care. He also managed the implementation of software solutions for notification and tracking vital resources for anti-terrorism disaster recovery and emergency preparedness programs.  Additionally, Sean is a recipient of the NYS Department of Health Commissioner’s Award for Excellence in Public Service.

Sean is a magna cum laude B.S. graduate of Siena College and holds an MBA from Villanova University.

What Healthcare Solved means to me:

Healthcare Solved means redesigning our current healthcare delivery model to address the systemic challenges our nation faces. It transcends any one type of patient or care model by tailoring care to unique needs—whether the patient is characterized by high utilization, high or rising risk, crisis, social determinants, or preventative or wellness programs—and ensuring that providers, care teams, and the patient each take responsibility and collaborate on care.

Healthcare Solved means addressing access to traditional medical care while paying attention to the non-medical care that impacts each patient so that every patient receives the right care in an efficient and effective manner. It means balancing new value-based economic equations to ensure our health systems can continue to provide the best care in the world with the best providers and care teams, and the most advanced technologies—all available for every patient.

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