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Hospitals & Health Systems

As hospitals and health systems transition to value-based care models, they are taking on risk for avoidable readmissions, high ED utilization, and meeting specific outcomes measures. This requires a shift in focus to holistic, patient-centered care. Success requires fundamental population health management techniques, including a strong care management program that allows an interdependent network of providers to efficiently work together to achieve better outcomes.

GSI Health’s GSIHealthCoordinator platform helps hospitals and health systems engage with their providers and patients through patient-centric care planning and collaboration to transition care and promote follow-up after hospitalizations. We support diverse provider networks through a strong system-to-system data exchange, enabling information to be integrated and analyzed for actionable insights to help reduce preventable readmissions and unnecessary ED visits—and to lower costs.

GSIHealthCoordinator Enables... Impact:

Care team collaboration with integrated care teams

Efficient coordination across medical, behavioral and social service settings

Improved transitions in care and reduced avoidable hospital usage, including ED visits and readmissions

Patient identification

Identification of at-risk patients for enrollment into care coordination programs

Improved outcomes through better, more personalized care, care planning, and coordination across the PPS

Interoperability with EHRs
and HIEs

Improved information sharing and data aggregation across multiple systems and providers

Streamlined reporting and administration for reporting consistency and compliance and for operational insight

Measurement and analysis of integrated data

Better results through flexible and real-time analysis—regardless of how you’re measured—with actionable insights so that you can hone your care model to impact your performance and your patients’ health

Flexibility to accommodate value-based care needs for your hospital or health systems

Evolve your care management solution based on changing programs, new contracts, emerging patient needs, regulations, and compliance reporting criteria