Who We Support

Community-Based Organizations (CBOs)

When patients leave a medical facility, they are in the real world—a world that has complicated and overlapping social, environmental, behavioral, and economic factors that negatively impact their lives and can prevent even the best medical care from being effective. Treating the entirety of patient needs—including not just medical issues, but the behavioral and social determinants that can affect health—requires disparate organizations to collaborate to address those factors that stand in the way of good outcomes.

GSIHealthCoordinator was designed to enable community-based care management spanning primary and specialty care providers, hospitals, health plans, clinics, and community-based organizations. We help you form care teams across the community and harmonize workflows so you can work together to achieve better outcomes for even the most complex patients you collectively serve.

GSIHealthCoordinator Enables... Impact:

Collaborative workflow supporting integrated
care teams

  • Efficient care coordination across medical, behavioral and social service providers
  • A platform that brings medical, behavioral health, social service, and health plan providers together as an integrated care team
  • Workflows to orchestrate how the care team addresses each patient’s unique needs
  • Transparency that puts the right information in front of the right person at the right time

care plan

  • A single care plan covering medical, behavioral and social issues across all care settings
  • Orchestrated tasks and interventions across the entire care team
  • Structured interventions and care protocols that improve their patient health

Interoperability with HIEs and EHRs and other care management systems

  • Access to clinical patient data from hospitals and providers
  • Claims data incorporated from health plans and managed care organizations
  • Real-time alerts for patient hospitalizations, ED visits and incarceration
  • Structured care plan exchange
  • Secure messaging and referrals for service coordination and PHI exchange

Outcomes measurement and service tracking

Flexible and comprehensive care management analytics empowering you to measure your care management program outcomes, process effectiveness, and identify how to improve. Service tracking and reporting to to better manage your processes, track care teams activities, ensure payments, and enforce reporting consistency and compliance

Flexibility to adapt your configuration at any time

Adapt your care management solution based on evolving programs, patient needs, regulations, and compliance reporting criteria