Junior Database Administrator


To manage, maintain, apply patches, upgrade and secure the Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) in our datacenters for several hosting solutions and various other projects; create data models and physical databases; understand the performance characteristics of Structured Query Language (SQL) based on the data design; tune both databases and SQL for performance; work with our networking team to implement disaster recovery and business continuity plans; implement Extraction, assist with configuring, administering and maintaining Business Intelligence systems; assist development, Business Intelligence, systems and network team; other assigned duties. This is an exempt position.

The position reports to the Director, IT & Datacenter

Position Summary

The candidate’s responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Installs databases on production systems;
  • Work closely with Senior DBA to set and enforce database policy
  • Support development and data architecture efforts and team members
  • Collaborates with developers on database design and support for applications
  • Partners with IT resources to implement and maintain database platform infrastructure
  • Implements tools and processes to monitor databases in effort to proactively prevent issues from occurring
  • Designs and maintains database structures according to best practices and standards
  • Tunes performance of operational databases and database related processes
  • Assists developers with tuning of code to ensure successful implementations
  • Participate in development of implementation plans and post-implementation review meetings
  • Identifies and resolves problems with production application systems
  • Keeps informed on new and emerging database and application development technologies
  • Support development, test and production environments
  • Other duties as assigned

Fundamental Requirements

  • 2+ years’ experience working with database administration, design, architecture or development
  • Experience with MySQL and MsSQL strongly desired
  • Experience with Postgres is a plus
  • Ability to write, analyze, and debug complex SQL scripts in order to import, correct, manage and update data and database structure
  • Excellent time/project management skills
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Effective in troubleshooting, recovery, database refinement, installing software, resolving errors and failures, auditing activities, and resource utilization
  • Well versed in current data modeling technologies and able to collaborate with development team to deliver technical products that meet the business needs.
  • Ability to troubleshoot problems and quickly resolve issues
  • Experience designing databases using standard practices in Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) environment, performance tuning and capacity planning;
  • Ability to work within GSI Health and with the client to drive and deliver client focused products and services
  • Experience in healthcare information technology a plus;
  • Positive and collaborative attitude a must
  • Ability to travel occasionally to client sites or other locations as required.


  • BA/BS Sought
  • Strong written and oral communication skills as well as strong analytical and research skills,
  • Exceptional organizational skills

To Apply

Please email us at opportunities@gsihealth.com and indicate which position you are interested in.

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