Turning Analysis into Care Management Action

When you’re managing population health, you need analytics to harness data so you can better understand your outcomes and identify patterns of causality. This is especially important when evaluating how you’re doing with patients who have complex issues, behavioral health conditions, and/or social determinants that materially impact their health. Can your tool analyze how your care management is performing and turn that analysis into action to improve how you manage care? Read more “Turning Analysis into Care Management Action” >

Beyond the EHR—Creating an Integrated Population Health Management Strategy

In recent years, the industry has focused a lot of attention on using the EHR as the center of today’s healthcare delivery. While EHRs add value at the point of care, enabling caregivers within a care setting to chart and manage patient information and to administer organizational operation, we can’t stop there. Extending the applicability of the EHR through other population health management solutions will help us look beyond the point of care to get to the real goal—improving how we manage patients—by focusing on the between-care activities and settings to significantly impact patient outcomes. This approach will help us bridge the gaps and pull the maximum value from the EHR in the larger picture of longitudinal care.

Read more “Beyond the EHR—Creating an Integrated Population Health Management Strategy” >