Why Is Interoperability Important?

Interoperability is the most persistent and fundamental challenge the healthcare industry faces today—and the industry spends tremendous energy trying to solve it. But interoperability discussions that focus solely on how to connect system A to system B miss the point. The real challenge is not just creating a free flow of data between systems, but figuring out how to move information in a meaningful way so that it is useful in a different context, and merging workflows so that people can do their jobs more efficiently. Read more “Why Is Interoperability Important?” >

5 Care Coordination Software Pitfalls To Avoid At All Costs

care coordination softwareThe health care industry is moving toward a more patient-centered, fee-for-value model and leaving the fee-for-service structure behind.  Now, hospital systems, medical practices and health plans are in need of care coordination software solutions that enhance collaboration and improve patient outcomes across the continuum of care. The right care coordination software solution is capable of unifying all critical applications and working hand in hand with EHRs to ensure a seamless end user experience. Read more “5 Care Coordination Software Pitfalls To Avoid At All Costs” >