Care Coordination Automation: Management Cycles, Part III

whole patient careIn our previous posts, we’ve discussed whole patient care and the use of technology to build coordinated care teams. Now it’s time to delve deeper and address how to leverage technological tools when treating and managing patients in a collaborative care setting.

Developing the right care plan for each patient requires the dedication of a multidisciplinary team, innovative technologies and an intimate connection with patients. Whole patient care means assembling a comprehensive network of healthcare providers – behaviorists, administrators, social workers, general physicians, payer care managers and specialists – and then assigning patients to the teams best suited to treat their individual conditions. Read more “Care Coordination Automation: Management Cycles, Part III” >

Care Coordination Automation: Use Your Technology, Part II

care coordination technology solutionsWe’ve been talking about using health information technology to leverage both algorithmic automation and expert-human execution for your coordinated care and population health management program. Our last post introduced the first step to effective and efficient collaborative care: Population Determination & Outreach. After defining the patient population in need of care coordination and successfully reaching out to this group, it’s time for the second stage: Care Team Assignment & CompositionRead more “Care Coordination Automation: Use Your Technology, Part II” >